Application Management

Noverties has more than 18 years of experience in Application Development activities. This includes projects of varied size from 20 days effort to more than 20 person years of development life cycle. Noverties has necessary tools, resources, process and infrastructure to carry out such projects. The life cycle would be tailored to customer requirement and project execution would be fully transparent. Agile, Iterative, Waterfall and V life cycle model were extensively used to execute these projects.

Application Development In Detail

PhaseProcessProgram Management Tools
Application Knowledge Tranfer Historical Data & Estimate Critical Success Factor Document Study Code Study Scope - BA Brain Storming Product Study Resource Plan Environment Setup Communication Plan Risk Plan Expectation Plan Config Tool PMTS Risk Tracker Communication Tool
PhaseProcessProgram Management Tools
Execution Measurment Estimation & Task Planning Corrective & Preventive Action Task Prioritization Audits & Reviews Build Integration Task Assignment Change Management Release Management Resource Management Defect Management Defect Tracker Risk Tracker Issue Tracker Audit Tracker Time Sheet App Resource Management Work Flow Management

Application Support

Noverties has developed a unique model for the application support known as Pavilion. The team involved in Application support activities will carry out various tasks and resources will have mixed skill set to perform various tasks. Problem tracking, issue mgmt, ticket closures are handled through internal or customer provided tool, thus making the system very robust and transparent. The metrics data on task execution, efficiency and defects measure the performance of the support activities effectively.

Quality Assurance

Noverties being one among the first 100 company to get certified in ISO and appraised in CMM for quality standards. Over 18 years of rich experience in the IT industry, historical data, process compliance check by quality team, baseline publication has made the execution process very robust. Various tools such as Task tracker, Issue, risk tracker, timesheet and Change requesttracker applications developed in-house helped the project and quality team to ensure the SLAs or key success factors are met.

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