Data Warehousing

Noverties's BI practice inherits several years of experience in working with disparate OLTP systems and applications. This experience gained through maintaining and supporting different sized businesses, helps Noverties understand and integrate and develop BI and Data ware housing solutions.

Since the initiation of the Data warehousing Practice, Noverties has been involved in building, managing Data marts / Data warehouse and Report writing. Noverties's skills are in using commercial, open source ETL, and OLAP tools.

Noverties provides winning services to its clients in building and maintaining data marts, Data Porting/Migration/Cleansing, BI Reporting, customized ETL solutions, standardization of ETL process and building. Coupled with the benefits of offshore resources Noverties works with its clients to engage in these activities of the Data warehousing lifecycle and reduces costs significantly for its clients.

Noverties has successfully executed projects ranging from 24 to 100 person months in size, and data size that ranges from a few gigabytes to several terabytes.

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