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Infrastructure Support

Infrastrcture Support Services

Career Intech has strong capabilty on Infrastructure Support Services.

Career Intech has pool of resources working at various project supporting clients infrastructure on 24/7 on End User Support, Remote Support and Production Support. Career Intech 's consultants also provide high end consulting services to its clients.

Career Intech provides full range of services in Infrastructure support in various applications and domain to keep systems/applications and infrastructure keep running for any critical business process.

Career Intech offers following services:

End User Support: Desktop Support/Windows Support/Aniti Virus/ Security and network (LAN/WAN) support at various level
Remote Support and Production Support: Systems Support/Server Support/Problem Management/Network Management etc. on Unix/AIX/Linux/Linux Clusters/AS 400 IBM i Series/ Storage
Consulting Services on all Infrastructure and Security products

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