Noverties's "Managed Testing Practice" follows robust and repeatable processes to reduce time & cost associated with achieving specie & measurable goals for independent verification and validation of products.

We leverage our testing experience to provide tailored testing services to meet client specific needs which extend from regression testing to specialized services such as performance, load and security testing.

Our Quality Management, Testing and Certification services play a key role in enabling you to implement a truly 'integrated', effective & mature testing process. Noverties can also certify the release of the customer's product for specific markets and on specific operating environments.

Testing Services

Noverties offers customers end to end services that meet all Quality assurance requirements

Functionality Testing - Unit, System and Integration including Test case writing, use case writing, test case execution
Usability and Accessibility Testing - intuitiveness of navigation and good user experience
Installation and Compatibility Testing for different environments including multiple browsers, operating systems, databases etc.,
Automation of regression testing using industry accepted tools like VSTS, QTP, Test Partner, Rational tools and open source tools like Selenium etc.,
Performance (Load/Stress) Testing with Capacity Planning
Security Testing - Infrastructure, Web applications (Intranet/ Internet), Web Services

What Customers Say

"...We could not ask for more commitment from the Noverties - we feel that the Noverties team is part of our family. The concept of having a Onsite Noverties team lead during heavy project like ISE has proven to be quite effective and I would plan to continue that in the future.

Development isn't easy when we're not in the same place, but you guys put in great effort. You're really good at planning and communicating what you're working on.

We strongly feel that Noverties systems is technically proficient"

IT Services

Company Overview

We facilitate our clients to be the best in their respective fields by utilizing state of the art technology, services and solutions. While suggesting or implementing Readmore