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Travel BPO Services

The travel industry is currently facing major challenges, including cut throat competition, pressure to acquire new customers, retaining customers, on demand side and managing partners and alliances on supply side.

In addition there is a continuous pressure on containing cost. On one hand, the competitive marketplace is pushing margins; on the other, reduced commissions and incentives from partners have impacted revenues industry-wide.

From our rich experience and domain expertise, Noverties has compiled a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges of the travel industry. This has allowed us to tailor our integrated BPO solution to meet industry-specific demands, and help companies to focus on their core business activities while their team at Noverties focuses on managing their processes.

Our BPO service offerings include:

Customer Support & Service (Front office)

  • PNR Servicing
  • Fares & Ticketing
  • Sales & Reservations
  • Customer Relations

Back office Support Services

  • Fare Filing & Loading
  • Hotel Contract Management
  • Inventory Management & Inventory Allocation / Rates Updates
  • MIS
  • Payables Reconciliations
  • Expense Accounting
  • Receivables Reconciliations
  • Payroll Administration
  • Web design promotion
  • Affiliate sales
  • Website Content development – For SEO
  • Competitive price analysis

IT Services

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